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Old dating superstitions


It would also be a wise move not to give, as a present, a scarf (an omen of tears) or knives (omens of enemies).

As a couple, do not bite the same apple, do not eat from the same spoon. Perhaps, they will help lead you too to that romance you dream about.

A single or unmarried girl should never sit at the corner of a table. Thus you prevent a risk of a future conflict.

A couple should not use the same towel to dry their hands or bodies. Many of these love & relationship superstitions sound a little odd even to me.

Love & Relationship Superstitions

December 1, 2014 , by Julie 7th Sense Psychics , Category: Love & Relationships

We live in a time of twin credulities: the hunger for the miraculous combined with a servile awe of science. Even in the West, many might be familiar with the saying-"Marry in May and rue the day".

Silly things to believe or the the path to true love? Watches and clocks are an omen of parting. The mating of the two gives us superstition plus scientism...

I was born in the old Soviet Union, and grew up, indoctrinated into many beliefs and superstitions. Who can say?

But, through habit or not, I will continue counting the amount of flowers in my bouquet

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The root of this belief is traced back to the pronunciation of May in Russian which is similar to “to suffer”. It is a sign of bad luck and giving them to your loved one should be avoided at all costs. It will cause arguments and bickering in the relationship.

Do not plan your wedding in May. I can assure you they are still widely practiced by many, and wholeheartedly believed in. Not just communism.

You may be surprised to learn that in Eastern Europe we have a rich collection of superstitious traditions created around courtship, love and marriage. I hope you will find them interesting. Interestingly enough, it always should be an odd number of flowers in a bouquet. If a girl sits at the corner of the table she will not marry for at least seven more years.

Yellow flowers signify the end of a relationship or betrayal. Even now, Russians still believe that marriages contracted in May are destined to be unhappy. An even number of flowers is for funerals.

If you accidentally step on your partner's foot, let them gently step on yours or the other way around. Doing that can bring major conflict.

Never give a watch as a present to your partner. Some seem to have a historical background and some seem to have just appeared out of nowhere.

I would like to share just seven love & relationship superstitions from my homeland.

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