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So why date an older Leo? Old Romantics lets actual old romantics like us get on with meeting and finding someone to spend time with.

Well, that’s the good news. If you like a challenge and thrive on the unpredictable, an older Aquarian may be your ideal mature dating match.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to date an older Aquarian.

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Vet

When it comes to mature dating it’s a great idea to explore what your proposed date’s career was before retirement.

Here are 15 reasons to date a retired vet.

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Police Officer

Police officers around the world largely commit to serve and protect the citizens of their countries and communities.

Here we explore 15 reasons to date a retired police officer for those seeking a partner on an over 50s dating website.

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Pilot

Visit any over 50s dating website and you’ll find that retired pilots are in high demand.

There is nothing cooler than introducing your date to people and watching their reaction when you tell them you’re having dinner with a pilot. Here are some reasons to bring one into your life.

Why Date an Older Scorpio?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the signs of the Zodiac tend to be astonishingly accurate in terms of characteristics and personality traits.

For senior dating it’s quite important to find someone who you’re likely to get on with immediately. Still, many of us understand that with maturity comes a bit of grace, restraint and attention to detail that few of us had in our 20s, and not many of us had managed to scrape together even in our 40s!

  • A way to meet other mature singles in your area
  • A free to join service that is at the core of one of Britain's fastest growing over 50s dating communities
  • Free ‘winks’, an easy way to express a little bit of interest and see if you get any in return
  • Detailed member profiles and full dating diaries
  • Our unique ‘Icebreaker’ service to set you off on the right foot every time
  • Our Member Map, making it easy to see who is looking for a date in your part of the UK

The website itself is really something special as well. Unlike young people, we don’t have the luxury of time on our side to spend years finding the perfect partner. It lets you set up your profile in as much detail as you like, and encourages you to add a photo or two. You can get started by sending a flirty little wink to anyone who catches your eye – that’s free as well, of course.

Later, you can explore the advantages of becoming a paid member, like the ability to read the dating diary entries that other members have chosen to make public, get to know people a bit better before you have to summon up the courage to actually talk to them, and even send and receive private messages from anyone who thinks they might fancy you as well.

Lastly, if that awkward moment is still proving a bit daunting, we even provide an ‘icebreaker’ service which has launched many a senior dating relationship.

  • Our site is safe and secure, protected by HTTPS technology - see the padlock in your web browser
  • We vet every profile carefully before posting it – each is a real person interesting in senior dating, and someone the right person would be delighted to meet.
  • Your free membership really is free, and you can both post your profile and search the profiles of others without charge.
  • Your data security is our top priority. We are exclusively for over 50s. There’s no doubt that when we reach the over 50s we are more susceptible to ailments.

    When it comes to mature dating a retired healthcare professional can be quite a catch. It's free to join, and you can get started right away – either to dip your toes into the senior dating pool, or to jump right in with both feet.

    We’ll only need 4 pieces of information to get started – your first name, your sex, your birthday and an email address where we can contact you. Of course, it lets you search the profiles of other mature people all across the UK, or even just those who are right around the corner from you. Let’s face it, the young might need all the help they can get, but they can handle that with their own websites. If you love the countryside and rural living here are 15 reasons to date a retired farmer.

    15 Reasons to Date a Retired Osteopath

    Alternative health care is more popular today than it has ever been. Not that there is anything wrong with dating a younger partner, if you’re into that kind of thing. They work hard for very little remuneration. Go on! Explore the site and get started!

    15 Reasons to Date a Retired Farmer

    Unlike many professions, farmers tend to slow down rather than retire. All of your communications with us are completely secure and protected, as is your profile and other data.

  • It even works (well!) on your phone or mobile device.

Old Romantics is based on the simple premise that just because there is a bit of snow on the roof doesn’t mean there is no fire in the heart! We’ll send a welcome email to your email address, and you can log in.

So why are you still reading? Here we look at some reasons to date an older Scorpio.

Your name sex and the year you were born will become a part of your public profile, but we’ll keep your exact date of birth and email to ourselves, for your protection.

Then just select a memorable password, and click ‘join now’. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of dating sites for young people, but they don’t address the needs of the UK’s senior dating community at all. Check out our 15 reasons for dating a retired Osteopath.

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Teacher

Most people know that teachers are generally wonderful. They may delegate to family or farmworkers but often don’t let go of the reins completely.

They are likely to continue living in the farmhouse or a cottage on the land when and if they retire. We thought it would be miles better for everyone if we could set up a simple, free to join and easy to use website for over 50s dating, and see what we could do for people just like us.

  • A mature dating website dedicated to helping over 50s in the UK find each other
  • A free to join service that could be your ticket to lasting love
  • Or even just a way to find someone with shared interests to go out with on a Friday night!

Old Romantics is all about mature dating, and helping single men and women over the age of 50 to find one another.

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Obviously, the minimum age is a start. Here are our top 15 reasons to date a retired pilot.

Why Date an Older Leo?

As you search through an over 50s dating website keep an eye out for a Leo.

At the very least you will end up with a permanent friend! They regularly make us laugh and rarely have time for socialising until they retire.

If you have just joined the mature dating scene here are 15 reasons to date a retired teacher.

Why Date an Older Gemini?

If you are joining the mature dating market and have an interest in astrology, you might want to consider some characteristics of people born under various signs of the Zodiac.

One of the most loyal of Zodiac signs, Aquarius is also probably the most complex.

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