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Nikki sixx vanity dating


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Dated Relationship facts

Until 1987

Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr

Courtney Bingham


Donna D'Errico


Brandi Brandt


Anthony Smith


until about 1983

Professional Partners

His Other Children

Son of Heavy Metal Rocker Nikki Sixx

Daughter of Heavy Metal Rocker Nikki Sixx

Daughter of Heavy Metal Rocker Nikki Sixx

Daughter of Heavy Metal Rocker Nikki Sixx

Her Other Children

Full name


Birth place


Nikki Sixx's parents:

Nikki Sixx's son is Gunner Nicholas Sixx Nikki Sixx's daughter is Storm Brieann Sixx Nikki Sixx's daughter is Decker Nilsson Sixx Nikki Sixx's daughter is Frankie Jean Six

Nikki Sixx's former partners:

Nikki Sixx's former wife is Donna D'Errico Nikki Sixx's former wife is Brandi Brandt Nikki Sixx dated Vanity

Nikki Sixx's former mother in law is Brie Howard

Mötley Crüe

Vanity Bio Details

Denise Katrina Matthews

Date of birth

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Place of death


Vanity Family

Vanity's father is James Matthews Vanity's mother is Helga Senyk

Vanity dated Prince Vanity dated Nikki Sixx Vanity's former husband is Anthony Smith

Motown Artists

Once Posed for Playboy Magazine

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