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Nikki and lara are dating


But anyone who gets married barely 2 years after break iup shows desperation. And stop putting nina down that’s getting tired also! And like I said if Ian & nikki wanted privacy stop posting so much crap of themselves on social media it’s getting tired like who care’s about what there doing every week of the month! lorena says: Desperation ? So clearly , it’s not the woman he’s into, it’s marriage and kids. It’s clear you don’t like nina at all, giving her your new & improved name of NUNA but to continue to accuse her of whoring around & dumping poor Ian is not fair to her, you probably would not say these thing’s to her face. I dare you to find out who she’s dating…that’s how private she is Imane Assi says: Oh no there is nothing wrong wuth having a seriious relationship just like there is nothing wrong with having fun not wanting to settle down. Imane Assi says: Imane Assi says: Actually they did, dissing Nina and Ian trying to keep the leading lady from coming back to finish the show, how he proved he’s no actor much less a professional one since he couldn’t keep aside whatever issue he had with Nina for one freaking episode.. Ian did the same, unless in your delusional mind after Nina he dated only Nikki. Imane Assi says: Oh I’m very happy thank you very much and wish somereed nothung but the best as long as they stfu about Nina. Imane Assi says: Imane Assi says: The only confirmed hook up she had was Austin Stowell. Watch that video and please tell me again that both didn’t flat out lie denying the proposal. Ok Believe it or not , nina has not a golden vagina as you all nina stans believe. So either he was lying or he just wanted them with Nina. Beside she was free to date whoever she wants, she was single. This has nothing to do with Nian. KRJ says: KRJ says: HELL NO! Let’s not give up on him yet! Imane Assi says: I didn’t say he only wanted children with Nina. Fact is he wanted to settle down, she didn’t, she ended it. Maybe nina should be defended from them. lorena says: Imane Assi says: She has every right to talk about privacy because unlike the somereed, she’s not exposing her love life and she ‘s sure not trying to priove anything with their endless posts everytine. She never dropped any hint or said anything bad about neither one of them, while they both sure did about her. .


And Ian is confusing. haha, 2 years is a short time for you? But she had a shot at it, don’t be surprised if she (nikki) tries again. The one who mixes fiction and reality is Ian. Somerhalder, if that does’nt end their marriage I will be even more surprised! Ian wanted desoeratly to settle down.

But he gives me CREEPY TOM CRUISE AND SCIENTHOLOGY vibes, so for me Nina dodged a bullet Imane Assi says: I hope I’m wromg for the kid’s sake, but I feel they’re as fake as the brangelia were, never bought into them and they proved me right. It make’s one suspect something is not right here between his wife & family!.

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